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  • Who we are

    Prime Health Consulting and Services (PHCS) is a private firm for profit and non-profit in the health sector working closely with individual, local and international organisations providing consulting and training in areas of consulting management, public health, nursing, midwifery, health systems and management.

Work team

Maureen L. Chirwa, PhD

Professor, Gender, Health Systems Research and Management.

Managing Director.

Board Member

Gomezga Chitsulo, BSc

Projects Development Officer.

Georgina Falesi Chinula, MSc


Community Health Expert.

Vision / Mission

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    To be a unique provider of innovative health related services to client that will enhance their productivity.

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    PHCS strives to promote public’s access to quality health services through the provision of training, research, consultancies, home based care, quality health professionals, counseling, psychological support and networking with the public, private and non-governmental institutions in enhancing quality of life.



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